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What Types of Books Do We Buy?


March 3, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

How does this work?

Selling your books to us is easy! Just enter the ISBN number of your book into the search box and hit enter on your keyboard. You’ll then receive a price for the book.
Keep adding as many books as you’d like to sell. Once you are finished adding all of your books, click “Proceed to Check Out.” Please note: your buyback must be at least $15 to be accepted.

If you don’t already have an account with us, you’ll be asked to create one. Verify your address and how you’d like to be paid. Double check that your books meet our condition and criteria, see the condition page or see the Book Condition section below and click “Create Order.”

We’ll provide you with a pre-paid mailing label to ship your books. Print and attach the mailing label to the outside of your shipping box, and be sure to pack your books securely. For more help with packing and shipping, see our Shipping section below.

Once we receive and process your books, we will pay you. Please see our Getting Paid section if you have any questions about getting paid.

Please note there is a 1 quantity per title limit per customer. If you wish to sell more than 1 copy of a title, you must contact us at Customer Service. Quantities greater than 1 per title sent from the same person on multiple orders will not be returned


What is an ISBN?

  • ISBN is an acronym for International Standard Book Number. It’s a 10 or 13 digit number and it’s unique to each book.

Where can I find the ISBN of my book?

  • Publishers typically put the ISBN on the back of the book. It can also be found on the first few pages of the book, usually on the copyright page.

What does an ISBN look like?

  • Usually the letters ISBN will be printed followed by a number with sections separated by hyphens, for example ISBN 0-13-041717-3


Types of Books

What types of books do you buy?

  • We buy books that are in good or better condition that have an ISBN. We buy both hardbacks and paperbacks, ex-library books provided the book is still in good shape and we even buy back Instructor Editions! Instructor editions will be paid at 30% less than the price shown. Annotated instructor editions will be paid at 90% less than the price shown and if a book is rebound, we will deduct 50% from the price shown. If your textbook came with a CD, access code or workbook, please include those when sending in your buyback. We do not purchase International editions, Custom editions, Book Club Editions or Samplers. If you have any questions about books we will or will not accept, please contact us at Customer Service.

What types of books do you NOT buy?
We do not buy the following types of books, and if sent they will not be paid for or returned:

  • Counterfeit Books of Any Kind
  • Annotated Editions
  • Loose Leaf Editions
  • Custom Editions- These will usually state that they are issued for a specific school or course (for example, “Introductory Chemistry for MIT” or “Basic Math for UNM Math 101”).
  • Advanced Reader (ARCs), Samplers or Uncorrected Proof copies
  • Book Club Editions
  • Excessively damaged books (books that have loose pages, missing pages or a broken spine, torn covers or torn pages, water-damaged or moldy books, books with fire or smoke damage)
    Items without an ISBN printed on the book
  • One-time-use items that are already used (access codes, CDs with used up installation keys, workbooks or study guides with any answers filled out)

It’s our goal for you to have a great experience selling your books to Sellatext.net, and we buy a very wide variety of titles. On very rare occasions, however, some older, outdated titles that we are unable to buy may bring up an unusually high quote in our system (for example, an out of print book with a list price of $7.99 pulling up a quote of $900). We do our best to identify these problem titles and ensure this doesn’t happen, but it is impossible for us to catch every single one of these books. Though this is very rare, please check with us before sending in your books if you get an unusual-looking quote or if you have any questions about your quote! We want to get you the best price for your textbooks, but we are unable to return books that have already been shipped to us.

I have a lot of books, or I want to sell you books in bulk. Will you buy large quantities of books?

We do buy large quantities of books! If you are selling a large amount of books as a school, company, or individual, please contact us by email at Customer Service with the ISBN and quantity of each title you’d like to sell.

Will you buy several copies of a given book?

We will usually buy multiple copies of the same book. How many we will buy may depend on the demand for that specific title, and how many we already have. Please note there is a 1 quantity per title limit per customer. If you wish to sell more than 1 copy of a title, you must contact us at Customer Service. Quantities greater than 1 per title sent from the same person or company (even if sent using different names/emails) on multiple orders will not be paid for or returned.

Book Condition

What condition should my books be in?
Books must be in good condition or better, which means:

  • No torn covers or pages
  • No damaged bindings
  • No loose or missing pages
  • No water damage or stained and moisture-crinkled pages
  • No fire or smoke damage
  • No strong odor of any kind (musty, smoke, cigar or cigarette odor)
  • No defective books
  • No partial sets (for example, only sending one volume of a two volume set). If a textbook originally came with a CD or a workbook, please include it with your buyback.
  • No advance reading copies or uncorrected proof copies of books

A small amount of writing, underlining or highlighting of pages is usually fine, as long as it is on fewer than 20% of the book’s pages. However, workbooks and study guides must be clean and unwritten in (no answers filled in already).
If you aren’t sure if your books meet our condition requirements, contact us first at Customer Service, and we will be glad to help! Books received that do not meet these requirements are not eligible for payment, and cannot be returned. Please make sure your books meet our condition requirements, and please pack your books carefully.

What happens if I send you a book that you do not buy back or a book in poor condition?

If you send a book that we do not buy back, including a book in poor condition, we cannot return it. We pay for your books based on their condition, edition and ISBN when they are received at our warehouse. If the condition, edition or ISBN of the book doesn’t match what you’ve entered, we will adjust your quote. Please enter your book’s information accurately, and make sure you pack your shipment well. Please read our shipping guidelines to ensure your books are packaged safely. We are sorry; we are not responsible for books damaged during shipment.


Who Pays For Shipping?

We do! We pay for shipping and tracking, via UPS just print out and attach our prepaid UPS shipping label. Make sure to use enough tape — If the label comes off, we won’t receive your books, and they will get lost in the mail.

How should I package my books?

  • Use a sturdy, corrugated box. Thin boxes will not protect your books in shipment.
  • Choose the right size box. Don’t try to fit the books into a box that is too small. Boxes that are too large can blow out, and books may be damaged or lost.
  • Make sure that the books can’t move around in the box. If your books are sliding around in the box, use wadded up newspaper, magazines, scrap paper or bubble wrap to fill the gaps.
  • Do not use plastic peanuts (also known as “packing peanuts”). Plastic peanuts will shift during transit and damage the pages of your books.
  • Make sure your boxes aren’t too heavy. Keep the weight of the box and books under 35 lbs. If you have more than 35 lbs. of books, split them up into multiple boxes. You can print extra labels in Your Account − just click on the buyback order you need to ship and then click on “print out our prepaid label” to print additional labels for your boxes.

Do I need to include a packing slip?

Yes, it will help us to identify your buyback. Please print the buyback order confirmation page, or the buyback order confirmation e-mail, and include it with your buyback.

What if I Want To Ship My Books Using a Different Method?

We will gladly accept your packages no matter how you decide to ship them to us. However if you decide not to use our UPS prepaid label, you are responsible to pay for the shipping costs.

What if my books are damaged in shipment?

Please make sure you package your books securely in a sturdy box with plenty of packing material, and securely attach your mailing labels to the shipping box to help prevent shipping damage.

What happens if you don’t receive my books?

You can submit a claim to the shipping company. We are not responsible for books that are lost or damaged in transit. If your package arrives damaged, we will do our best to grade the condition of the books that we receive, and make any needed adjustments to your quote. We cannot pay for books that arrive too damaged to be of use (torn, broken or otherwise heavily damaged books). We cannot pay for books we do not receive; if your package arrives damaged and books are missing, we will not be able to pay you for those books.

Can I change my buyback?

If you’ve already sent in your buyback, we’re sorry, it can’t be changed. Once you’ve shipped us your books, we cannot return them for any reason. If you have more books you’d like to sell, please start a new buyback order. If you haven’t yet shipped your buyback and would like to keep one or more of the books, please contact us at Customer Service.

Getting Paid

When and how do I get paid for my books?

Once we receive your books and confirm their quantity and condition, we will process your payment in 3-5 business days. During peak buyback times or around major holidays, this may take a little longer. We offer payment via check or PayPal, which you can select when creating your buyback order.

How long does it take to get paid?

Your buybacks are shipped to us via UPS. This usually takes 3 to 6 business days, but may occasionally take longer, depending on where you are shipping from, or if it’s a busy time of year, such as a major holiday season. Record the tracking number from your shipping label, and you’ll be able to use it at the UPS website to check whether we’ve received your books. Once we receive and process your books, we will process your payment in 3 to 5 business days.

Why did I receive a lower amount than you quoted?

We pay for your books based on their condition, quantity, edition and ISBN when they are received by us. If the books we receive do not match the information you submitted, if books are missing, or if they arrive in poor condition or damaged, we may need to adjust your quote. Please make sure you enter accurate information about your books and package them safely for shipping. Please review the Shipping section of this FAQ for safer shipping and packaging guidelines.

How long do I have to cash my check?

You must cash your check within 90 days of it being issued.

I lost my check or I haven’t cashed it in the required time. Will you send me a new one?

Please contact us at Customer Service. There is a $35 stop payment fee in order to issue you a new check. The amount will be deducted from your new check.

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